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Washington DC Doesn't Care About You: Realizing the Power of the Local Vote

As we draw nearer to the November election, I find myself reflecting on the dichotomy of federal politics and our local elections here in Lewis County. It's disheartening to have to anticipate low voter turnout for such vital positions like school boards and city councils, especially when many of us are putting in tireless effort to support strong candidates. I write this with an overarching desire to not only inspire but to galvanize each of you to rise above the bread and circuses of DC. Recognize that the power to drive change in Lewis County rests firmly in your hands.

Just imagine, every elected seat in Lewis County filled with a solid Republican, and every non-elected board position with a Republican majority. This isn't just a dream, it's an achievable reality within our grasp.

Let's be honest: federal politics often serve as a distracting sideshow. President Biden isn't the one fixing potholes in our streets, and Matt Gaetz isn’t going to stop transients from invading county property with drug-use and crime. AOC isn't losing sleep over explicit material in our local libraries, accessible to our children. We can’t stop Hamas from bombing cities, but we halted the Seattle YMCA from setting up shop in a rural community that lacked the infrastructure to support their facility.

Think about this: Did Kevin McCarthy or Mitch McConnell personally step in to ban mask mandates in Lewis County? The answer is a resounding NO. It was, again, our dedicated Lewis County Republican commissioners and supportive community members—who took a stand. These are just the partisan positions, imagine what we could accomplish if all of the non-partisan positions in Lewis County were filled with fearless Republican leadership?

It's time to shift our focus, away from the federal circus and towards the immediate, crucial impact we can have right here in our own backyard. Let's rally behind strong Republicans who share our values and vision. Republicans who won't cave to Democrat influence in order to "cast a wide net" or cower in fear of pathetic leftist name-calling. Let's spark genuine change by casting our votes in the local election. Let's seize this opportunity and transform our community into a beacon of conservative principles and advancement.

This year we have outstanding Lewis County Republican Party (LCRP) endorsed, and recommended, candidates who are vying for crucial positions on school boards, city councils, and various other roles across our county. These candidates are fully vetted and stand as shining examples of Lewis County’s conservative Republican community.

The most effective path to bring about profound change in our community and to propel these exceptional individuals to victory is to not only cast your vote by November 7th, but also to fervently rally everyone in your local circles to do the same. Washington DC is not going to keep Lewis County Red, you are.

Erin Volz

LCRP Vice Chair

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