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Lewis County Republican Party

Official Page for the Lewis County Republican Party

Liberty Torch

Lewis County Republicans uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as the founding document of our nation and under the Republican principles and practices of limited and accountable government the aspirations and dreams of our citizens are protected. Lewis County continues to faithfully participate in this Grand Union of the United States under the watchful eyes and accountable Leadership of the Lewis County Republican Party and its elected officials.  We are very proud to represent you and your interests.  Join us as we keep the Flame of Liberty burning brightly.

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Take Action!

The Mission of the Lewis County Republican Party "is to Develop, Promote, Endorse, and Elect Republican Candidates and Office Holders that best reflect the LCRP Platform."  We strive every day to exceed the expectations of the people of Lewis County and demonstrate why Lewis County thrives under the leadership of Republican values and principles.  We need YOUR help.  Take Action!


Elections are the very foundation of our Democracy.  Voting, running for office, and volunteering are absolutely critical in ensuring that your voices are heard in the upcoming elections.  CHECK HERE for the latest upcoming elections schedule.  


Without your continued financial support we are unable to get Republican candidates elected to preserve your rights and fight for your way of life here in Lewis County.  Every dollar you donate is wisely spent and stays in Lewis County.  The future of Lewis County is at stake. TAKE ACTION!

Get Involved

Volunteers are the backbone of every successful campaign.  Play a vital role as our communities organize for success.  We are personally asking you to take this opportunity to make a difference.  We have many different opportunities available to get GET INVOLVED!  


Media and Outreach

Media and Outreach Programs Media is the vehicle that carries our message of success directly to the people of Lewis County.  We have several outreach programs that will inform you, inspire you, and assure you that the Lewis County Republican Party is fighting for your rights and way of life.  


Why Choose US?

The Lewis County Republican Party  is completely focused upon electing Republican candidates that faithfully advocate our platform which is dedicated to preserving the rights and way of life the citizens of our great county hold very dear.  We fight every day for you, join us!

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